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Bricks Like 86 Jadakiss & Styles

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  • Исполнитель: Jadakiss & Styles
  • Название: Bricks Like 86
  • Длительность: 3:58
  • Лейбл: Lions Pride
Jadakiss & Styles - Bricks Like 86
Jadakiss & Styles - Bricks Like 86
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Текст песни Bricks Like 86
We ready for the summer, us having a drout, I doubt that
All that rubbish, threw it out in the trash
Ocupational haserd, thumb skull for life, came a long way from countin cash
Outdo sickness, sittin on a mountin of stacks
We don’t applaud frauds, only clap for winners
I’m a fuckin great white shark, swimmin in a pool of flippers
And the points drop way down when we movin figures
I only speak in coad, and broken language, like move the trigger
Breakfast, Gucci slippers
Stuntin now, livin wreckless, wake up, put my pants on, fuck around,
make hit records
60 with Simands, then we go to the playoffs
Credit like 8 50, soon as the Pattec is payed off
Fuck havin lawyer money, I need oial tycoon money
Filthy soial money, get that spoiled money
Bricks like 86, whips like 87
South side in Yonkers New York, I’m a legend
Salute all the kings, what up, all you peasants
Life in the ghetto is rough, and unplezent
Life as a drug dealer was my first zero, started off with zero
Bitches used to treat him like a weirdo, then he got larger
With a car and the fur, and the bitches have to treat him like a star
2017, but it’s bricks like 86
I was only 12 in the crack spot, survin black top
Now we order bettys off the laptop, health cartel at the half not
Ghost, nigga!
Got bricks like 86, money like 89
I was too young to get it, probably what made me rhyme
Soon as I came of age, started movin them dimes
Then I took it to doves, now they showin me love
Got 'm lookin for me, somebody done cooked it for me
First they thought it was a game, but now they like, look at shauty
Plus, I’m off the reefer, stay there, Imma meet ya
Straight coke out the beaker, straight up ether
What other niggas do, don’t concern me
While I’m on my jerny, put something away for my eterni
Then I’m on the block, till the grams are swaze
The supply is so high, the demand is crazy
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