Didn't Cha Know? Chris King

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  • Исполнитель: Chris King
  • Название: Didn't Cha Know?
  • Длительность: 2:03
Chris King - Didn't Cha Know?
Chris King - Didn't Cha Know?
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Текст песни Didn't Cha Know?
Remember when Wayne did shit you hear the lighter and shit you just knew
somethin' 'bout to happen huh
Choppa 'nother when the cactus cooler
Everybody bool but I’m much booler
'Bout to come alive, Frankenstein I’m screwed up
Sleepin' with a gun, fuckin' right I’m boo’d up
I’m always flyin' by first place you’ll lose us
Niggas wanna tie like got a new tux
Servin' pure white 'cause there’s was too cut
Tears in my momma’s eyes, don’t cry I grew up
Had to clear my thoughts had to clear old clutter
Sittin' in the kitchen with a biscuit and the butter
The camera doesn’t catch when I’m catchin' on my brothers
Smokin' with Adam22 in the front of No Jumper
You love the way I move 'cause I learned from the higher ups
Type of nigga park his car in the front like a fire truck
9−1-1 when a nigga spark the lighter up
Corresponder put the fire out
to save a hoe, but I got the iron man
Gun up in his mouth, tell a nigga lie again
This is not a scary movie life is gettin' frightening
See a nigga life end while another nigga life begin
If I run up in the mall I’ma cop some things
Cars are colorful just like a gumball machine
Watchin' them videos of Gumball on my TV screen
I’m a kid at heart but I’m a man with green
I don’t do Fortnite or the 2KTeens
I’d rather play with the real things
Built my fortune and collect machines
Courtside seats, trip a referee
Didn’t know of Montana 'till they know Chris King
Don’t scrape snotty nose if you don’t know me
Got a pint of that screw with a pound of the tree
When the cops arrest us, why can’t we breathe?
Couple niggas of my own they ain’t got no fathers
So I told them they could use my father as they father
I’m lucky that a nigga even got a dad
But this world leave me scared to have a son or a daughter
But this is just a letter to my unborn know that daddy love you get whatever
you want from him
Don’t make the same mistakes 'cause they was all ugly
You feel the hate just pray and get it off of me
Askin' God for clean slates they all dirty
I tell my mom to chill 'cause she all worry
You cannot fix your problems with all money
This is king snotty nose, yeah it’s all runny
I turn the beat on and I get lost it in
Red light rifle, watch me throw sauce in it
Smoked to Badu yeah we just vibin' it
At a window seat on autopilot yeah
Ha, yeah, ha
This shit easy dog like
Snotty Nose Dilla
This nigga nigga like- that nigga like guru or some shit like
Haha, ha
Ay man, go to the next song let’s go
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