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  • Исполнитель: 311
  • Название: Stainless
  • Длительность: 2:38
  • Лейбл: BMG Rights Management (US)
311 - Stainless
311 - Stainless
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Текст песни Stainless
Holdin' on to a dream, unknown destination
Feels like a thousand miles 'til another station
Far out beyond the prying eyes and neon sky
The answers quickly multiply
And ideas begin to fly
(Begin to fly)
How many journeys on this trip?
I say, how much time 'til I live to R.I.P.
I don’t wanna die, just give me six
Six more lives 'til I feel equipped
Take the names of the sycophants
Smash their dreams into little bits
I don’t wanna die, just give me six
Six more lives 'til I feel equipped
Not for the faint of heart
It will not be painless
You’ll take your licks and you’ll never come out stainless
Outlandish dreams can come to pass, it happens so fast
There’s no end to what you can achieve
But first you gotta believe
(First you gotta believe)
It wasn’t overnight, it wasn’t do you right
It was A to B and those label fights
Oh yeah, money tight, five appetites
Have you seen those guys? They’re quite a sight
Now here go the sweat, here go the set
Hear all the songs in our alphabet
Almost 30 years of blood sweat and tears
Still got the drive, still got that gear
Be sure, a discouraging word will be heard
It doesn’t matter what they will say
The naysayers will do what they do
But to thine own self be true
This is what we came to say
The forces that be are on our side
The truth is something you can’t hide
Give us what we came for
Give us what we came for
On the right side of history
When we first came with the unity
Give us what we came for
This is what we came to say
It’s what we came for, it’s what we came for
It’s what we came for, it’s what we came to say
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